Keep Your Garden Alive with These Green Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Garden Alive with These Green Maintenance Tips

Go green this summer with these gardening maintenance tips!

Going green in the garden and around the home is a great way to contribute to the well-being of the planet we call home. Homeowners across the country are looking for simple ways to go green and lessen the impact of our carbon footprints. Read on for some maintenance tips on how to go green in your garden this summer!

Green Gardening Maintenance Tips For Homeowners:

  • Going green will be easier with drought tolerant plants such as succulents. Once you decide where you will be planting your greenery, it is important to do some light research about the environment and climate. This will help you in choosing the appropriate fertilizer and watering schedule.
  • Gardening maintenance will depend on the types of plants you choose; make a compost bin or pile so that you can take advantage of all the leftovers remaining after pruning, trimming, and repotting.
  • Did you know that you can make your own fertilizer out of the nutrients in your compost heap? This is a great way to save on fertilizers while also yielding environmental benefits.
  • Altering your irrigation habits is extremely important in maintaining a beautifully green garden. It is important that you always water sparingly as to not soak the soil and always keep an eye out for the weather forecast so that you can take advantage of incoming rain.
  • Avoid using pesticides at all costs. Before we created pesticides, there were insects performing this job. To further continue your environmental efforts, use lacewings, hoverflies, and ladybugs instead of pesticides.

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