Update Your Auto Insurance for Fall

Update Your Auto Insurance for Fall

Update Your Auto Insurance for Fall

Make sure your auto insurance is updated to protect against these risks.

Because of all the changes that occur during fall, it is a great time to review and update your auto insurance.  If you are not sure what risks you should be concerned about, then read on.  Here are some of the seasonal risks you should be protected against this fall.

Daylight Savings Time

While you might not consider daylight savings as a driving risk, the time change does pose a danger to drivers.  Because we lose and hour in the fall, the days get shorter and the nights longer.  This means that a commute that happened during the day in summer, may now be happening in the dark.  This reduced visibility often catches drivers by surprise and they may struggle to adjust their driving accordingly.  Because this can increase your chances for an accident this fall, it’s important that you have the right insurance protection in place.

Wet Weather

During the fall months, many places experience an increase in wet weather.  Wet driving conditions can make the roads slippery and difficult to maneuver safely.  Additionally, if you are driving in heavy rain, then you might experience reduced visibility.  Both of these issues increase your chances of getting into a car accident, so make sure you update your policy to protect against these risks.

Halloween Vandalism

Unfortunately for car owners, the chances of your car being vandalized actually doubles on Halloween night.  In fact, more auto insurance claims are filed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.  Common claims include smashed windows, slashed tires, scratched paint, and stolen vehicles.  The best way to protect your car from the risk of vandalism this Halloween is to make sure you have the updated coverage you need.

This fall, take the time to update your car insurance to protect against these risks.  To get the auto coverage you need, contact the professionals at Moser Group Inc. in New York.  Our team of experts is ready to get you covered today.