Having a Memorial Day Barbecue? Stay Safe with These Grilling Safety Tips

Grilling Safety Tips For Your Memorial Day Barbecue

Having a Memorial Day Barbecue? Stay Safe with These Grilling Safety Tips

Here are some grilling safety tips so that you can enjoy your Memorial Day barbecue!

Memorial Day is coming up. Enjoy the long weekend with a festive barbecue. But, before you start grilling, brush up on your grilling safety. Barbecues can be extremely dangerous. In fact, they account for thousands of insurance every year. Stay safe and find out how to avoid any grilling accidents.

  • Don’t grill indoors. Barbecues can release toxic chemical gases into the air. When you grill indoors or in poorly ventilated spaces, you increase your risk of disaster. Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and always grill outside.
  • Keep the barbecue away from anything flammable. Your home, your patio furniture, your garage, and your vegetation are all flammable materials. Move your barbecue so that it’s at least ten feet away from flammable items.
  • Grease is not your friend. When you grill meat on a barbecue, it drips fat and grease which builds up and can lead to a fire. Don’t put too many items on the grill and clean the grill before and after each use to reduce your risk of starting a grease fire.
  • Stay near the barbecue while it’s in use. Leaving the grill unattended is extremely dangerous. It only takes a few seconds for a fire to break out. And it’s important to keep curious kids and pets away from the barbecue.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy. If the flames do get out of hand, a fire extinguish can be a big help. However, at the first sight of flames, call the fire department and safely evacuate the area to prevent any injuries.

Keep your backyard barbecue safe from any grilling disasters. For added peace of mind, protect your home from fire damage with homeowners insurance. Contact the insurance professionals at Moser Group Inc. Located in New York, our experienced, knowledgeable staff help you meet all your personal and commercial insurance needs.