Storing Summer Toys for Winter

Storing Summer Toys for Winter

Storing Summer Toys for Winter

Learn how to prepare your boat, motorcycle, RV, and other summer toys for winter storage.

When the temperatures begins to drop, that’s when you know that summer is at its end.  The end of summer also signals that it’s time to prepare warm-weather toys such as your boat, motorcycle, and RV for storage.  Follow this guide to help you prepare your toys for storage this winter.


The first step in preparing your toys for storage is to clean them thoroughly.  Make sure you clean both the interior and exterior of every toy.  At the same time, check for any damages that might need repairs.  These will be addressed during maintenance.


If you noticed any damages, then get them repaired.  Once all repairs are addressed, then there are a couple of things you must do to prepare your vehicles for long storage.  First, make sure to remove any water from the engine and plumbing systems of your boat and RV.  If this water is left to sit, then it could start to corrode your vehicles.  Additionally, if you have gas remaining in any of your vehicles, then make sure you add fuel stabilizer to their gas tanks.  This will prevent the leftover gas from damaging any engines while your toys are in storage.  Apply a thin layer of wax to the exterior or all your vehicles to protect against rust and make sure you address any flat or damaged tires.  You want your summer toys to be ready to use as soon as your remove them from storage.

Choosing a Facility

If you are planning to store your vehicles off-property, then there are a couple of things to look for in a storage facility.  First, make sure you take a tour of the facility and check that security is to your liking.  Additionally, make sure the facility offers dry and heated units.  Finally, look for a facility that allows you to pay rent on a monthly basis.  This will allow you to only pay for storage when you need it.

Follow these steps to ensure that your summer toys are ready for winter storage.  Another way to prepare your vehicles is by making sure they have adequate insurance to keep them safe.  To find the right policies for you, contact the experts at Moser Group Inc. in New York.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.