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19 May 2016
How to Drive Safely to Save on Your Auto Insurance

Find Out How to Drive Safely to Save on Your Auto Insurance Premium

Learn how to drive safely so you can qualify for a good driver discount.

Different policies offer different discounts. Lower risk means that you’ll save more money. When it comes to your auto insurance policies, you’re likely going to save on your policy if you’re a safe driver. Safe driver discounts vary based on your insurance carrier, but they generally are offered if you avoid at-fault accidents and a clean driving record. Check out these ways that you can improve your driving to help you qualify for a good driver discount.

Abide by the Speed Limit.

The speed limit exists for a reason. The speed limit helps to keep you safe on the road. In fact, speeding is a top cause of traffic accidents. The more you speed, the more you risk an accident and a traffic ticket. Slow down and follow the speed limit.

Eliminate Distractions.

Put your phone away and turn down the music. Distracted driving is dangerous driving. Focus on driving and wait to eat, apply makeup, send a text message, or anything else.

Pull Over when Sleepy.

Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous. You’re more likely to drift when you drive sleepy which increases your risk for an accident. Get plenty of sleep and get off the road if you’re feeling sleepy.

Keep a Safe Distance.

Not only is tailgating annoying to other drivers, but it’s dangerous. When you follow too closely behind another car, you significantly increase your risk of an accident. If the car in front of you comes to a sudden stop, you could wind up kissing their bumper. Keep at least two cars’ worth of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Drive Defensively.

Watch for others while on the road. While you can’t control other drivers on the road, you can control how you react to close calls. Be aware of your surroundings and curb any aggressive driving.

Maintain your Vehicle.

A well-maintained vehicle is a safer car. You’re less likely to encounter any mechanical issues while on the road. Go for regular tune ups, check your tires frequently, and keep your car well oiled. If you notice any issues with your car, bring it to a mechanic to have it checked out.

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12 May 2016
How to Safeguard Your Business From Multi-Million-Dollar Lawsuits

How to Safeguard Your Business From Multi-Million-Dollar Lawsuits

Protect your business from costly lawsuits with commercial liability insurance!

Lawsuits have become a part of American culture. They’ve become an everyday occurrence. However, a lawsuit can be detrimental to the survival of your business. From legal fees to medical bills to settlements, lawsuit expenses can add up. That’s where commercial liability insurance comes in. Protect your small business with the liability insurance and check out these common business lawsuits.


Federal law prohibits employers to discriminate against their employees, or anyone with whom they conduct business. In terms of employee discrimination an employer mustn’t discriminate, harass, retaliate, or wrongfully terminate an employee due to a person’s characteristic such as gender, race, religion, age, disability or any other defining characteristic. Additionally, businesses may not discriminate against anyone that the company conducts business with, from vendors to customers to suppliers. Stress the importance of discrimination avoidance to reduce your risk of a lawsuit.

Wage Violations.

It’s important to pay a fair wage to your employees. Federal law, state law, and local law, all weigh in on how you’re required to pay your employees. Avoid any wage law issues and read up on your local laws so that your employees are paid fairly.

Breach of Contract.

Contracts outline an agreement between parties. Once you sign a contract, they’re legally binding agreements. If you fail to meet the terms of the contract, then you could be at risk for a lawsuit. It’s important to stick to your business agreements. If a problem arises, seek legal advice and avoid a breach of contracts. Keep in mind that your liability insurance generally won’t cover lawsuits pertaining to breach of contracts.

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05 May 2016
How to Use Your Tax Refund Effectively & Wisely

Don’t Know How to Spend Your Tax Refund? Learn How to Use it Wisely

Check out these suggestions on how to use your tax refund.

The April tax season is over! You can rest easy knowing that you’re free from W-2s and 1099s for another year. Best of all, your tax refunds should be on their way. If you still haven’t decided how to use your extra cash, we have you covered. Check out these smart ways to use your tax refund.

Pay Off Your Debts.

From credit card bills to mortgage payments, you likely have a few payments to catch up on. Alleviate some of your debts and use your tax refund to pay off a bill or two. It’s a great way to use your extra money wisely.

Save it for a Rainy Day.

You never know what the future holds. Unforeseen expenses can be stressful, but having a savings account with emergency cash can be a lifesaver. Put your tax refund into a savings account and start saving. You’ll feel good knowing that you have something to fall back on if you need it.


While spending your refund on travel may seem a little frivolous, travel is an excellent way to spend your resources. Traveling to new places opens your eyes to new cultures and peoples and helps to broaden your perspective of the world.

Put it Toward Your Education.

Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make. Boost your knowledge and increase your marketability. Whether you’re looking to improve your skill set, learn a new language, or just have fun and learn something new.

Further, invest your tax refund and purchase the right insurance. Protect your loved ones with life insurance or protect your home with homeowners insurance. Contact the insurance professionals at Moser Group Inc. Located in New York, our experienced, knowledgeable staff help you meet all your personal and commercial insurance needs.