Find Out How to Drive Safely to Save on Your Auto Insurance Premium

How to Drive Safely to Save on Your Auto Insurance

Find Out How to Drive Safely to Save on Your Auto Insurance Premium

Learn how to drive safely so you can qualify for a good driver discount.

Different policies offer different discounts. Lower risk means that you’ll save more money. When it comes to your auto insurance policies, you’re likely going to save on your policy if you’re a safe driver. Safe driver discounts vary based on your insurance carrier, but they generally are offered if you avoid at-fault accidents and a clean driving record. Check out these ways that you can improve your driving to help you qualify for a good driver discount.

Abide by the Speed Limit.

The speed limit exists for a reason. The speed limit helps to keep you safe on the road. In fact, speeding is a top cause of traffic accidents. The more you speed, the more you risk an accident and a traffic ticket. Slow down and follow the speed limit.

Eliminate Distractions.

Put your phone away and turn down the music. Distracted driving is dangerous driving. Focus on driving and wait to eat, apply makeup, send a text message, or anything else.

Pull Over when Sleepy.

Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous. You’re more likely to drift when you drive sleepy which increases your risk for an accident. Get plenty of sleep and get off the road if you’re feeling sleepy.

Keep a Safe Distance.

Not only is tailgating annoying to other drivers, but it’s dangerous. When you follow too closely behind another car, you significantly increase your risk of an accident. If the car in front of you comes to a sudden stop, you could wind up kissing their bumper. Keep at least two cars’ worth of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Drive Defensively.

Watch for others while on the road. While you can’t control other drivers on the road, you can control how you react to close calls. Be aware of your surroundings and curb any aggressive driving.

Maintain your Vehicle.

A well-maintained vehicle is a safer car. You’re less likely to encounter any mechanical issues while on the road. Go for regular tune ups, check your tires frequently, and keep your car well oiled. If you notice any issues with your car, bring it to a mechanic to have it checked out.

Save on your auto insurance and strive to be a good driver. Contact the insurance professionals at Moser Group Inc. Located in New York, our experienced, knowledgeable staff help you meet all your personal and commercial insurance needs.